My '96 Acura TL

**** I sold my 1996 Acura in October of 2005, traded it in for a 2003 Acura CL ****

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Welcome to my Acura TL page. I purchased this car in October of 2001. I had always loved the 1st Generation TL's. When I had owned my Accord I always saw the TL and wanted one but couldn't afford one. So one day I found a 1996 Acura TL on a lot, and fell in love with it. Within a few days I was driving it home. It was pure luxury. It had leather interior, woodgrain dash, power seats, power sunroof, the works. It was also fast and had a inline 5 cylinder which I had never heard of before. It was meant to be a daily driver while I drove the Accord on weekends. But that didn't happen...

I ended up putting a bunch of modifications on it, like wheels, stereo system, a OEM spoiler, lowered it, did all the lights. Another reason I loved this car was, there weren't many 1st Gen TL's around. So like my Accord I had a unique car. I must say the TL was one of the best cars I owned. So after 4 years I decided to part with it, and get a new car. In October of 2005 I bought a 2003 Acura CL Type S. So I stayed in the Honda family. It wasn't easy selling the TL because it was paid off and still a very nice car. The TL truly speaks for it self. I will miss the TL... Below are a bunch of photos of it:

Summer 2004 - new wing and painted sideskirts

Summer 2002 - New 18" Lorenzo wheels


Lorenzo LO1 18" Chrome wheel

Miscellaneous photos

TL Modifications

Engine Air Intake

Suspension Goldline Springs 1.7" drop

Wheels and Tires 18x7 Lorenzo LO1 Rims
Yokohama tires

Lighting Clear bumper lenses
PIAA Headlights

Cosmetics New OEM spoiler
Woodgrain shifter
15% tint all way around

Sounds Panasonic CQ-DF800U CD player

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