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My Car in 1998... 1999 2000 and 2001 2002

New body-colored mouldings, Spring 2002

...and in 2003

My Instrumentation Mod - June 2001

New Paint Job February 2000

Here are some pictures of my car and its brand new paint job!! Three of the photos show the work in progress at the body shop. As you can see it's much whiter and brighter than before!! You have to realize the old paint on my car was 11 years old and it was faded in places, paint was chipping off, it looked pretty bad. Now, it's a beautiful car to look at. In fact, it's so bright it nearly blinds me to look at it! What a difference from before and after.

It was about a $2000 paint job, which included repainting every inch of black molding on the car, including all of the window trim. Much of the molding had spots and was very faded. Now it's like a brand new car. Thanks to Paul Hoey's Autobody for doing such a superb job. When you look at the pics look closely at the rear of my car, notice how most of the emblems were shaved off for a cleaner look. It looks much better and more custom than before. I also had my fuba antenna removed along with every sticker that was on the paint. I think it looks much better without them. I'll never put another sticker on my paint again. There was also a dent on my front right bumper that was fixed too, along with a couple of other dings. So now my car looks like it came right out of the showroom. It took about 2 weeks to complete, and it was well worth the wait!

If you really want to see the difference from before, click on some of the pictures in the main gallery above and compare them with the new ones, you should be able to see how much brighter it looks now! If you live in the Northwest, and want your car painted, take it to Paul Hoey's Autobody. Paul is very professional and I'm very impressed with his outstanding work on my car.

I took my car back to a spot where I took a pic of it about 2 years ago, where my car is reflecting from a big pond, and I went there today (2-15-00) and took a new pic of it with my new paint job, and my fairly new wheels, my Niche Chase's. Thanks for cruzin' by, and I hope you all like the new paint job!

Newest pic of my engine... click to enlarge. Note the DC headers intake and DC sway bar. Also, all engine components have been painted red along with the valve cover.

Mike in motion
Mike in motion2

Mike in motion... click to enlarge

April 2001 - Mike's '89, Chris' '87 and Bob's '89 Accords

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